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Model Premac Jaw Crusher
Model Premac Jaw Crusher

Model Premac Jaw Crusher

Portable power for the mining and exploration industry.

The Model Premac Series Jaw Crusher (designed and manufactured for Heath & Sherwood by PR Engineering)

High-performance portable crusher features double-toggle action for more consistent crushing of the same amount of rock with less effort and reduced wear.

Features include:

  • Reversible manganese steel jaw and roller bearings for strength and extended wearing life
  • AR Plate Crushing Chamber, Cheek Plate & Swing Jaw
  • Roller Bearings used throughout
  • Safety Toggle
  • Manual Toggle adjustment
  • Tough fabricated steel construction
  • Automatic toggle lubrication available

Accessories and Options:

  • Support Base Assembly with sample collection tray for Laboratory use
  • Support Base with Rectangular Inlet Hopper & Discharge Chute for Sampling Tower or Pilot Plant

The Model PREMAC Series Jaw Crusher comes in four sizes depending on the application.

Estimated Maximum Feed Size (approx. 80% of smallest inlet dimension) 4.8”(122mm) 5.6” (142mm) 6.4” (163mm) 6.4” (163mm) 3.2” (81 mm)
Estimated Minimum Product Discharge - Throughput 1/4" - 1 ton per hour 1/4" – 1.143 ton per hour 1/4" – 1.25 ton per hour 1/4" – 1.375 ton per hour 1/8" - 1 ton per hour
Estimated Maximum Product Discharge – Throughput 1 7/8” – 4.5 ton per hour 1 7/8” – 5.144 ton per hour 1 7/8” – 5.625 ton per hour 1 7/8” – 6.1875 ton per hour 7/8” – 2-3 ton per hour
Weight 2252 # (1000 kg) 2320 # (1052 kg) 2435 # (1104 kg) 2770 # (1256 kg) 1351 # (614 kg)
Motor hp with 575 3 phase voltage 10 10 10 10 5

Wescone W300-3

The new 2015 Wescone 300-3 supersedes the 22 year old W300/2 high speed cone crusher.

The W300-3 new and improved model has been introduced in Australia and now is available from Heath & Sherwood.

Early in 2013 the team at Wescone decided to take a closer look at a number of potential improvements which could be made to the W300/2. Through the use of Finite Element Analysis of all design components in the old model W300/2 were researched to make available improvements which will help performance. The Wescone project lasted for 2 years and was based around observing the results over decades of servicing, analyzing wear parts and making less obvious material and/or mechanical changes within the machine. The results according to Wescone was a “great insight into component selection and material designs”.

The new machine design can be straight swapped for the old machine (same external and base dimensions) with the amazing improvement +25% crushing efficiency and power reduction of similar at -25%. The W300/3 machine’s body is more robust as weight has increased around +5% ( about 10kg ) but at least 80% of the new parts by weight, are not interchangeable with the W300/2.

The W300-3 gives more crushing efficency with less horse power!

  • Portable more efficient than the original.
  • World's smallest gyratory crusher (265 Kg).
  • All minerals crushing for rapid sampling.
  • Glass recycling and crushing machine.
  • Best reduction ratio available in a single pass. Maximum Reduction Ratio: 25>1
  • Best gyratory crushing action for maximum efficiency.
  • Feed Maximum Size 50mm (33mm F80)
  • Discharge Minimum Closed Side Gap Setting 2mm
  • Recommended 9.2 kW (12.5 hp)
  • Designed, developed and manufactured in Australia, for the harshest mining regions.
  • More than 300 units used in over 20 countries, can be straight swapped with the original W300/2.
  • Heath & Sherwood will continue to service and repair all W300/2 machines in operation.