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State-of-the-art NDT Testing of Wire Rope

A quality user-friendly wire rope NDT inspection system

The Magnograph® series of wire rope NDT testers are the leading non-destructive instrument to test the condition of steel rope sections. Detecting corrosion and broken wires, this is simply not possible with visual inspections.

This state-of-the-art NDT testing of wire rope quickly and efficiently identifies defects through the entire cross section of rope. Even non-skilled personnel can operate the Magnograph. View real-time data and perform post-test data analysis easier than ever before.

Magnograph® MAG II is designed to test ropes from 12-64mm (1/2 to 2-1/2 inch) diameters. It utilizes 5 different sizes of interchangeable rope guides in the sensor head.

The Magnograph® was originally developed by the Noranda Research Center and Canadian Centre for Mineral and Energy Technology. Heath & Sherwood is the original product’s licensed manufacturer and has been marketing Magnograph’s since 1980.

The Magnograph® series of NDT wire rope tester will provide the most accurate and reliable results for your wire rope testing requirements.

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Magnograph® MAG III – The Next Generation of Non-Destructive Wire Rope Tester

Magnograph® MAG III is optimized for small diameter (up to 45 mm, 1.77" OD), low metallic areas (up to 7Kg/m), including:

  • Wire rope
  • Wireline
  • Slickline
  • ROV umbilical applications
Magnograph III
View and download our Magnograph® III product highlights by clicking here.

Anything But Average Wire Rope NDT Testing Equipment

Depend on the Magnograph® for professional wire rope inspection you can trust. By using Magnograph® and its computerized systems, you will benefit from many outstanding advantages:

  • Measure metallic cross-sectional areas (TMA), not just relative loss of metallic areas (LMA)
  • Record and view measurements such as rope mass, kg/m data, and corresponding loss percentages in real-time
  • Local Fault (LF) display always in phase with congruent TMA/LMA signal for clear metallic area loss/gain display
  • Play back all recorded data regardless of whether it was originally displayed on screen
  • Maintain all records digitally without use of paper
  • Automatic test set-up and calibration functions
  • Perform extensive post-test data analysis
  • System can be tailored to fit specific customer needs

Flat Mag II

Over 90 Years of Experience

The Magnograph® NDT wire rope tester is ready to assist you for whatever industry you work in, including:



Ski Lifts

Ski Lifts

Ski Lifts

Naval Ship Lifts

Ski Lifts


Ski Lifts

Deap Sea ROV

Put your faith in our company who boast over 90 years of knowledge and experience in the mining industry. Ever since Clarence Heath and Slim Sherwood established the company in 1927, we’ve always discovered innovative solutions for long-term satisfaction.

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